quip: days of the week

it’s been entirely too long since one of these happened hasn’t it. Well, the return of my sometimes quick wit and occasionally sharp sense of humor strikes again.

We were writing back and forth discussing music when my friend realized they forgot tonight was a concert they wanted to go see and this happened:

friend: Just realized tonight is the Fuck the Facts show.
Me: did you just fuck the fact that today’s thursday?
friend: I’m angry at days!
Me: Dear days of the week,
you get in the way of me managing time effectively. there are only seven of you. clearly that’s arbitrary and confusing and intended probably as a government conspiracy to keep the metal-head down. please reconfigure yourself in such a way as to align with the album releases of metallica so I can better comprehend your existence. thank you –
signed Dave

ps- clearly the equivalent of monday would be reload and friday and saturday are lightening and puppetz

two notes: first: FTF is the band and second: my friend is a HUGE Metallica fan


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