affirmation: citizenship

I’m grateful for being a US Citizen. It was from birth, but I think I’d feel just as proud and in awe of it had it been from immigration like my grandparents and other relatives further back. Sure, I love my French-Canadian (ergo French) and Portuguese heritage, but I’m not Porto-American or Franco-American or if it even exists French-Canadian-American (wouldn’t that be redundant since Canada is part of the American archepeligo and North American content anyhow?). I’m just a citizen of the US.

Funny, I might have more pride in being a Jersian than I do in my heritage. After all, my family left where they were for a reason and never migrated back and even given the opportunity now, I am not returning to my homeland, I am focused on creating my life here where I choose to be.

There’s something to be said for the opportunities citizenship presents. It is up to be to seize them for myself when they are presented unrestricted to me. And, I’m grateful to this point I have been able to. Although everything here isn’t as I would necessarily want it, it is the closest to perfect I can choose to live in right now and even though it isn’t completely fair to all my my friends and loved ones in what they are able to have in terms of rights and privileges, the aspiration to freedom is high


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