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nyphillycombine bobby has been giving me a hard time lately about Phils players hitting the disabled list. I hate to point out the obvious sometimes but here we go again anyway

The Mouse: You call that a disabled list? Wait, let me show you what a disabled list looks like, particularly the month of June:

Jeff Márquez Jun 20, 2011 15-Day DL Right shoulder inflammation
Derek Jeter Jun 14, 2011 15-Day DL Strained right calf
Amauri Sanit Jun 11, 2011 15-Day DL Right elbow inflammation
Bartolo Colón Jun 12, 2011 15-Day DL Strained left hamstring
Joba ChamberlainJun 6, 2011 60-Day DL Right elbow surgery – out for season
Rafael Soriano May 14, 2011 60-Day DL Sore right elbow
Eric Chávez May 6, 2011 60-Day DL Fractured left foot
Phil Hughes Apr 15, 2011 60-Day DL Right arm fatigue
Colin Curtis Mar 30, 2011 60-Day DL Right shoulder surgery – out for season
Reegie Corona Mar 30, 2011 60-Day DL Fractured right elbow
Dámaso Marte Mar 30, 2011 60-Day DL Left shoulder & labrum inflammation
Pedro Feliciano Mar 22, 2011 60-Day DL Strained left rotator cuff

Bobby:My team is pretty long as well but not as long as yours 😉
How about lee last night almost no hit the red sox…. 0.27 era in the month of june awesome!

The Mouse: yeah, your you got a couple of guys who are on fire, the top of the starting staff “looks” solid… HOWEVER, this begs the question, how are you only .625 with a paltry 4 game lead on Atlanta and only a mere .025pct ahead of the Yankees for the best record in baseball?!?!

one would think with the hooplah regarding your rotation being unhittable that you’d challenge the 01 Mariners or the 98 Yankees that finished the season playing .700+ ball in the modern era and any number of teams from back in the day, like may I suggest the 54 Indians, 27 & 39 Yanks and the 31 Athletics who played on the shorter schedule?

Bobby: you talk and i just tune out sometimes… fine. point taken. Still over .600 and that’s more than enough for now.

The Mouse: just giving you a hard time cuz I can, but so far, albeit a couple of pitchers looking quite extraordinary in single games for you and the fact that for most stats you have at least two guys in the top ten and that’s not translating to the kind of day-in day-out dominance it should.

If you’re putting out a 1-2-3 like you have and you have guys eating up innings in that group, this number is assuming essentially your 4-5 spots aren’t producing at all… ok, I realize, Oz is on the DL, (something I mentioned was inevitable if you remember, he burned me in fantasy during his days in the southwest because of that) and yes, I know the folklore of Arizona in 01 and the Yanks in 09 going 3-man rotation to win a WS (and look at those two 3-man rotations by the way, by the book, no where near what you claim to have), but c’mon, for all the smack talk and all the bestowing of the rings before a spring training pitch was thrown, where’s the head-spinning dominance?

Bobby: Yeah… I know. Oz was a long shot… He does fine when healthy, I’ll take him… you overestimate things anyhow… they’re still .600+ and the rings will come… give me this, i didn’t hit the panic button

The Mouse: Yet, bobby, you didn’t hit it yet… Ah, I know, no closer? …and, middle relief mucking it up? Lack of pitching balance is probably the excuse with that Lidge-Mason thing really gumming up the gears because they’re either on the DL or potential to pitch poorly when they’re not.

granted, it’s about winning the WS and not about individual player stats or team regular season stats (so long as those are collectively good enough to get you to the playoffs) and the team is “built” do theoretically do just that with starting pitching and some good balance in the lineup.

Bobby: exactly… that’s what i’m saying sir. they’ve been consistently over .600… they win the tough games… they might not be doing the level you think but its’ all good man… and you’ll see come august.

The Mouse: Assuming they don’t implode. Interestingly enough, the 01 M’s didn’t win the WS despite those crazy numbers, Arizona (.568) beat the Yankees (.594) in game 7 in a battle of Cy Young winners. The 98 Yanks though, well, they were about to go on a roll of 3 consecutive as part of 6 trips in 8 years and had a pretty good pitching staff too.

So whats the deal?

What am I missing about why you’re only floating slightly above .600 and without a lot of actual padding between what actually is a fairly tepid division despite four teams playing over .500 ball (and the Marlins who are without their ace, among other injuries). Don’t get me wrong .600 is a nice high water mark, indeed, you’re the only team that’s consistently eclipsed it so far this year, but it feels underwhelming compared to all the pre-season hype.

Bobby: Every team needs a bit of a challenge to toughen them up… I’m done here.


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