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I was comparing notes with some fellow hockey freaks on available free agents and who certain teams should retain or let go. My quick thoughts on the Washington Capitals looked something like this:

There’s a lot of “names” on this list which means we could be bumping the salary cap.

I hear Alzner we’re keeping. I like him and I think he’s a good pairing for Carleson who comes up as a restricted next year. They really tear things up as young kids and the Alz being a bit more stay-at-home while Carls is more a puck moving guy.

I hear mix things on Varly. I can’t see not keeping him since I’m not sure Holtby is ready for the big time yet, but I’m sure there’s a lot of people that are going to say he’s injury prone and still unproven, but realistically, on the off-chance he does get injured you still have Holtby earning peanuts who can step in, and if he doesn’t you probably have one of the best goalie tandems on the ice right now at a fraction of what other teams are paying for netminders. However if they do let him go I won’t cry, there’s a lot of depth in the Caps system.

Nylander can’t disappear soon enough. what a waste that guy was for us. Again.

Arnott I’d love to see stay, along with Knuble. Both a gritty veterans that the team needs. Age aside, I think both are still assets on a team that last season skated half a roster under 25. If we had to loose either Arnott or Knuble I might be ok with that but hopefully not both.

Would be sad to see happen but Laiche I hear rumor might be on the way out. Sad because he puts up solid middle line numbers and is a long time system developed. He was the top center in the playoffs and during the regular season was close to backstrom in numbers (granted both Ovie and Nicky were off this year points wise as they adjusted to the new system and a rotation of right wingers that would spin your head). He’s also highly versatile since he’s also able to play wing and D and can PK. I think they should and probably will resign him even though there is a lot of talk otherwise.

Cannot believe there’s even a question about hannan right now, but there is. His pairing with Wideman is perfect (like the Carlson-Azler pairing, which begs the question again too, who skates with Green? no one still knows) but with the prospect of the oft-injured Poti returning supposedly there not only roster space but cap room problems. Maybe Poti can retire already please.

Sturm, Bradley and Gordon everythings been pretty mum on. With all three, I can kinda go either way. I don’t really see any of them blowing away the box score info night after night but they’re all consistent guys. I actually think all three leave and that clears up space for other signings.

Everyone else I know nothing about, but then again with the above list, the front office has their work cut out for them already


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