Adam & Steve

In the wake of the marriage equality vote in New York State the internet trolls have been out in full force trying to foist this anti-LGB propaganda upon us with the guise of Christian values. Jesus never spoke of homosexuality in the scriptures. He was incredibly accepting of others who were different and typically shunned during his time (prostitutes, lepers and other sick, the poor, etc.) and made not doctrine to follow that spoke of any kind of oppression or second-class status to be cast upon anyone.

Most of the homophobic rhetoric comes from a few scant passages in the Hebrew texts, than when translated over time and interpreted in certain ways can have a tinge of anti-LBG flair to it. Then again, the texts are also misogynistic at times, so we ignore those parts, racist at times against non-Jews, so we ignore those parts, replete with laws that encourage retribution that results in painful death, so we ignore those parts, and just plain unnecessary in the modern world (ie: not eating certain fish, crustaceans, mollusks, etc. due to the possibility of disease).

Most of the time though, it’s based on a lose set of moral codes that deem the idea as unnatural (I’ll do another post, another time, on how untrue this is) and the favorite to point to, and by far the funniest for me to hear, is the Adam & Steve argument. It goes something like this. God created Adam and Eve and put them in the Garden of Eden as the first couple – the foundation of humanity. They are the model by which we are supposed to follow. To which I respond… really??

Let’s look at Adam & Even for a second and lets ask:

so we should be following the people that invented original sin?

Adam experimented with animals trying to find a “companion” until God decided to make Eve. – what was he doing with these animals?

They were put together as two humans. They were given no mandate other than to not eat from the Tree of Knowledge. – they weren’t told to procreate or start a family or populate the garden, which is good because they weren’t married and pre-marital sex is obviously wrong.

In a selfish act of civil disobedience they ate from the tree they were explicitly told not to, breaking God’s Law.

Then, they were fugitives from God, hiding from the inevitable punishment for their breaking the law.

Then, they lied to God about what they had done. Then, rather then accept responsibility for their own actions, they selfishly blame God, one another and the serpent. – well at least we know where modern man’s ability to blame everyone comes from, if it were the US circa now they’d’ve probably sued everyone too.

They are cast from the Garden and set forth into the world. It never says who is responsible for misogyny at this point, Adam, Eve or God, but it is established that Even is Adam’s subordinate. – someone wanted Eve to be a slave, which the act became perpetuated throughout other stories in the bible for other women

Then, by no reckoning or notation in the Bible once they are driven from the Garden they fornicate and bear many, many children. In this relationship they produce Cain, Abel and Seth, then other sons and daughters” – great, so either marriage is defined by Eve being a slave, or they were never married and had all those kids out of wedlock

They were such good parents they didn’t name their other children, leaned heavily on the charity of God to raise them and in the end, Cain and Able produce the first murder in society.

We will stop there, because at this point Adam’s like 900 years old and the world is filled with people, who all are from his lineage which means the spread of early Biblical mankind was through incest because there’s no mention of God setting forth any other humans through divine intervention other than Adam and Eve. So, are we saying God supports incest as a legit means of procreation?  Were the kids doing one another? Their parents? Both?  Where did this whole menagerie of people come from?

So really, what if it were Adam and Steve then or Erin and Eve? Would we be worse off than where we started? Well, we wouldn’t know because the two of them might have lived out their days happily in the Garden never exposing humans to original sin in the first place…


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