affirmation: no critical failures

So, week three of the affirmations has me happy there hasn’t been a critical failure in a few days. Wooof, what a relief!

It was a tough, tough, tough stretch, personally and professionally. What made the difference?

Honestly, in part it was three fold.

First, it was things out of my control actually going right, for a change. I’m managing a lot of professional stuff, a new team of product people, a bunch of vendor options that we’re considering migrating to, an intern portfolio, and my own personal growth in the company and my desire to institute some more structure and processes. A whole of of stuff, mostly independant of itself, all went wrong simutenously. I’m not sure, even if they happened separately they would have been seemlessly managed, but to have them collapse together and implode in the way they have was all that much more challenging. To be honest, to the point of tears, self-doubt and painful to the rest of those around me outside of the exeprience directly. Then, with the help of my team, the support of my friends and the continued education I am providing for myself, things began to work themselves into being managable.

The second is that personally I am not challenged by anything this week and I am able to confidently enjoy my life outside of the office without any esclations. I feel cleansed to have time to breath recently and accept all the recent adaptions from a new job to the reentry to school to personal relationships to other stuff. Its pretty wonderful to have that continuity as a foundation to so much happening around me.

And, finally, because the rule of three not only goes for clicks on a website, as I’m so reminded by my wicken friends, the third is my own health… I haven’t had a significant problem for alergies or related types of health issues that normally this time of year would present challengs that although I’d never submit to prove to be a pain-in-the-arse that not dealing with is amazing.

So, the lack of no critical failures on the whole is pretty amazing and I’m thankful, grateful and kindly toward


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