quip: paper bag

Anyone who knows me knows one of my favorite all-time quips is the torn paper bag comment. It means even the dumbest of dumb can’t negociate their way out of what should be the simpiest of simple traps. With all the constant critique of our current political environment, this could easily define any number of current or perspective role players who may or probably wouldn’t pass a simple civics exam an have a collective knowledge of the current socio-policitcal-economic landscape of my kid sister, but that’s beside the point. Actually, that’s kind of actually the point!

Recently, one such blowhard decided to take his hat out of the ring. Let’s chalk that one up to the ever obvious money talks, bullshit walks, and such-and-such a canidate decided their lucrative television career was worth more than their civic duty, despite all the bullshit posturing they placed on civic duty to begin with.

To that not-so-ironic moment, this conversation spawned

friend: ya know it’s funny, i still keep watching celebrity apprentice to pick up different ways of doing things.
me: so long as you’re not actually using that as the standard by which to position yourself
friend: (laughing) right?!
me: dude couldn’t find his way out of a torn paper bag, forget about anything else… success drawn from utter failure
friend: true, ha
me: hell, my sister’s cat does that every day it shits in the tub and still gets fed, tell me that’s not the best deal around
friend: i wish i could f’ up and get that reward
me: all you need is a toupe or cat claws…


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