Crapitals part two

As I noted yesterday the Caps lived up to their Crapitals nickname. The LD chimed in with his two cents (in italics) and my responses pretty much echo exactly what everyone else’s analysis at this point

I feel your pain. I will probably feel it more acutely tomorrow. But today hurts after the game the Wings played yesterday. My favorite quote coming out of the game came from a Detroit columnist: “The game was tied at 2, and Howard’s most glaring flaws were on display for the whole hockey-watching world to see: He does not have eyes in the back of his head, and he struggles to anticipate the supernatural.” Crappy.

But the Caps melted down. I knew the Bolts were good and would match with the Caps… but damn. Where the Wings started slow and have gotten better each game, the Caps just seemed out of synch and playing as a collection of individuals, not a team. I know the Wings are gone, but I just feel a little bit better about their exit than the Caps. You just can’t give away two games in a series, lose a third where all the bounces went the other way and then expect to turn it on and take four from a team with the talent of the Sharks. Unfortunate.

I share your pain, Mouse. They were my team in the East. Guess all I have now is to support the Steve Yzerman managed Bolts. That’s weird.

Part of the problem is they are constantly out-coached in big games. BB lets them play sloppy. Too many men on the ice? Missed line changes? Incorrect pairings on the ice? manage your people fat man.

The second part of the problem is 12 guys on the team are 25 years old or younger and ALL came up through the Caps system. Actually like 18 total guys are Caps products. They are young and have no exposure outside of one another and that’s more than half the roster. Sure, they went out and got Knuble and Arnott and Wildeman to help with veteran experience, but compared to other teams they just aren’t balanced in a way that allows for them to utalize it. Seriously, look at the teams that win and count the it out and then look at the Caps – when they skate this setup
LW Ovie C Backstrom RW Semin D Green D Azner G Nuevy
Sure, great names, but really, Semin is the older stateman on that line!

As for the Wings when they win it still looks convincing for the most part but when they lose they are giving the games away with mistakes vets just shouldn’t be making and that’ really what the whole series felt like to me, they never looked convincing. I’ll defer to you but it doesn’t look like age is as much the problem as maybe just passoin. It’s not that same spark like they played with in the late 90s early 00s, not necessarily going through the motions as much as not as cliche’d “hungry” I suppose


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