Book Review: april reading

I feel like I’m always running behind on these posts. Maybe I’ll never get caught up and that’s the curse of trying to run a daily blog that’s in excess of 500 words a day average and still do it daily on my schedule and lifestyle. I’ve always joked, when you’re at your lows you express the most, because you have no other way to expend your energy, but when you’re happy, you’re too busy living life to plaster it anywhere but in the here and now.

Writiting a blog, or a book, is much the same way. If you are expending time on it in your daily happy life it almost takes on the role of a jealous mistress, so you’re more apt to ignore than to avoid the confortation of your normal existence. Funny, I find both of the books I read this month almost alluding to that same sentiment as the duality of the personalities that expresses themselves comes out for each main character. Furthermore, they are both lost youths finding their way. I do find it curious that I seem to read books regularily that easily and accidently pair themselves up in such a way.

Bodega Dreams by Ernesto Quinonez

The Outsiders by SE Hinton


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