mixtape: the dirty jerz

The Dirty Jerz. My (adopted) home. And, an odd interest in it that baffles even some of the longest living residents of it. Sure, I can name all seven smells along the northern end of the NJTPK and can reel off more crazy facts about the state than even our obese Governor couldn’t cram into his waistband. Yep, I know that the Velvet Underground played their first show at a HS in Summit and Princeton Record Exchange, the Northeast’s largest independent record store by pure sales volume (and for good reason if you’ve ever shopped there). I miss City Gardens in Trenton but also saw the birth of Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon… remember New Brunswick’s basement shows as much as backroom Maxwell’s Hoboken shows and and any number of clubs lining Van Houten Ave in Clifton and on Bloomfield Ave in Bloomfield & Montclair… and when Brendon Byrne was the NJ show arena. The Birch Hill in Old Bridge, the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, the Stone Pony, AP Convention Hall, School of Rock, the Paramus Skate Park and Club Krome in South Amboy were constant part of my vernacular through different stages of my show going. I was at Ozzfest when Manson was a fool in the Meadowland swamps, at the first Skate & Surf before it became Bamboozled and ended up in the Meadowlands (and was there too, at NJ Metal & Hardcore Fest before it was overtaken by Hellfest moving to the Shore from the ‘Cuse and when the Lot along the boardwalk was the among the last Warped Stops before it was situated at Raceway Park and just another show on the tour. I listened to WSOU, WTSR (Chainsaw Symphony), WBZC (Shader!) and later WMSC, WFMU and so on to find out about music and later, well, my life with those stations took on a new life while working at NJ’s own, the Syndicate. So, to my love of the Garden State comes this list of references, made mostly by locals, thankfully, but, who am I to deny an outsider a good laugh either:

the Number 12 Looks Like You “the Garden’s All Nighters” from Worse than Alone
Operation Ivy “Hoboken” from Energy
Thursday “Dying in New Brunswick” from Waiting
Lifetime “Somewhere in the Swamps of New Jersey”
the Bouncing Souls “So Jersey” from the Gold Record
Coheed and Cambria “Devil in Jersey City” from the Second Stage Turbine
Saves the Day “Somestimes, New Jersey”
Cobra Starship “Being From Jersey Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry”
Fountains of Wayne “Utopia Parkway”
Tom Waits “Jersey Girl”
Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band “4th of July, Asbury Park (Sandy)”

and, just for good measure for my NY, PA, DE and CT pals:
Less Than Jake “Never Going back to Jersey”


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