mixtape: a tribute to

A few days ago I stumbled upon an artist I’ve since fallen quite in love with. Truly, she’s a wonderful musician who is making music that completely touched me. So many of my (music) friends became jaded, or are almost hatefully narrowminded and finding things like this are wonderful to me, and it’s moments like this that remind me why I love music in the first place. The way it resonates. The way it memorizes. The way it (re)defines emotions. I washes across me in beautiful and boundless ways. Last year, I noted my love of the women who contributed to my love of music when I made a mix for Women’s History Month and although this is the last monday mix of the month and this is my best current attempt at it… here we go in dollops of twos and threes for those who need help following:

“Dorval” by Julia Kent
“Escape Artist” by Zoe Keating
“Souvenirs” by the Gathering
“Babel” by Massive Attack
“Dream” by Antimater
“Angry Johnny” by Poe
“Gone” by Paathos
“the Thirteenth Hour” by the Reasoning
“Where Dream and Day Collide” by Madder Mortem
“Stairway to the Sky” by Within Temptation
“Little Earthquakes” by Tori Amos
“All and Everyone” by PJ Harvey
“Fade Like a Shadow” KT Tunstall


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