recipe: pois pigeons ragoût

Rough translation is a field / black-eyed pea stew. Had it about twenty different ways served by Portuguese, Hatians and other Caribbeans, South Americans and from people in the Southern US. Here’s my take on the recipe that draws upon the elements I enjoyed the most of each of the varriations along with my own interest in Cajun cooking.

True, today is typically about Irish and Irish-American cuisine, but honestly, not too many of those recipes are conducive to my ritual psuedo-Lenten cleansing and I wanted to use what I had in the apartment to put together something that went with my current mood, which was driven by my listening coming home that included an interesting mix of southern-culture rock, metal, blues and jazz. Maybe I will post that shuffled mix at some point too, as a way to tie this all together

Red Onion
poblano pepper
stock (made from the leftover veggies)
olive oil
bay leaf

Finely dice the red onion, poblano pepper and celery 2:2:1 ratio, reserving the throw away parts to produce the stock separately.
In a large stock pot combine over low heat equal parts by weight oil and flour to begin the roux.
Add the dried rosemary to the roux once it begins to form
As it becomes blond in color and is slightly thinned, add the pepper, onion and celery as well as 2/3 of the dried rosemary
Allow the roux to continue to cook and the veggies to sweat into the roux


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