A few weeks back my own spiritual journey led me to a new place in my life. I emphatically greeted this new experience and the success I am experiencing it not because I am embarking upon it alone, but because I am embracing it with those around me.

Today, we spoke of independence. It is a noble aspiration. The freedom from the influence of others. It supposes in this sense we don’t need anyone else but ourselves.

Sadly, that could not be further from the truth. And, yet, it is drilled into us in our daily lives. Our education emphasis personal accomplishment. Our society stresses the individual. Our politics are platforms of personal responsibility. Even our spirituality in many was is predicated on our own singular identity.

And yet, as social creatures that thrive on the company of others this is counter-intuitive behavior and continues to undermine exactly what we are trying to achieve, individual success.

This is especially true of our personal goals and aspirations. Look at many of our great leaders and our heros, those whom we most devotedly look up to. Although there are ones who have made tremendous personal strides, it takes more than the individual to be truly successful. The culmination of all life’s experience that produces who we truly are and the help and assistance


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