mixtape: message to a friend

It used to be way more frequently that I would make a mix specifically focused to someone specific. Recently, a friend asked me to introduce them to a wide range of new bands, or so I thought. It turned out, despite their belief they were out of the loop on new music, they knew about half of what was on the list, but thankfully they didn’t know all the accompanying reference that went with it, making the fun liner notes version of the track list that I created and now, you can enjoy too!

Another Day, Another Way by Volbeat – ok so they are danish, how many danish bands are there?

Lost at 22 by Life of Agony – had rotating drummer that ranged from Sal from Type O Negative to the Dan from Pro-Pain and Ugly Kid Joe’s singer was their frontman for a time (depressing), keith’s sung with everyone from Within Temptation to Red hot Chili Peppers.

Immortal by Clutch – Neil’s sister is the receptionist at Charm city Cakes (Ace of Cakes) and are usually the odd man out touring with bands like Slayer, Gwar and Opeth over the years which is why they do more “an evening of” tours than dream theater and porcupine tree combined.

Stone the Crow by Down – features members of Pantera, Crowbar, Eyehategod and Corrosion of Conformity this new orleans band also has tight roots with Soilent Green, Goatwore, Superjoint Ritual and Acid Bath to name a few.

Oblivian by mastodon – originally formed because of the band high on fire, which is x-sleep and feature strong ties in their mastering and production to neurosis and tribes of neurot

New hampsire’s alright if you like fighting by Scissorfight – on sebatical right now with members contributing to projects for Cave-in and Mess with the Bull, they were signed to tortuga which was founded, in part, by aaron from isis.

Distance by Soilwork – Swedish band helped establish the post-At the Gates melodic sound along with In Flames, Dark Tranquility and others. (x)Drummer also played in the Defaced with members of Darkane

Another End of the Rainbow by Enemy of the Sun – formed by ex members of Grip Inc (which is ex members of other bands- most notably Slayer) and Eyes of Eden.

Kill the Music by Everytime I Die – signed by ferret records which was owned by carl from the nj band nora and they go through bassists like it’s nobody’s business giving them ties to the Chariot, from autumn to ashes, between the burried and me and the Bronx.

Setting fire to Sleeping giants by the Dillinger Escape Plan – on an older EP Mike Patton (Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Lovage, Fantômas, Faith no More and Peeping Tom) sang for them while they were transitioning vocalists, plus now, their original drummer plays for coheed and cambria

shallow water by Demon hunter – the band’s founders are brothers who previously played in training for utopia and are execs at solid state records and they love to feature guest vocalists, this album (although not this song) featured members of Scar Symmetry, Throwdown and Soilwork

Red is the New Black by Funeral for a friend – schitzophrenic career at best, they are named after a planes mistaken for stars song did their first tour here with iron maiden, my favorite bill with them was at roseland with taking back sunday and atreu if memory serves.

One step to Slip by hot water music – part of the gainsville punk scene that includes against me! and less than jake and helped popularize the dual vocal approach used by bands like emery and haste

cast no shadow by seemless – ex members of killswitch engage, shadows fall and overcast (which is funny because both KSE and SF are ex-overcast anyhow) and after breaking up the members went to Times of Grace, Unearth and Bloodwitch

knew her gone by only living witness – short lived by completely awesome new englanders, jonah went on to Miltown and Milligram with i think the brothers going on to the shods

song of the future from the past by signal to noise – essentially broke up almost as the album was released, came out of the denver scene that bread an eclectic mix of cephalic carnage, the fray and five iron frenzy to name a few.


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