quip: a street named what?

It is proving to be a VERY slow January for posts. Not because I have nothing to say, but really, I have NO time to say it. New job is exhausting but enlightening which is great for me on a personal level but for the three readers here, well, you’re missing out on all the excitement.

I’ll get around to fixing it… i hope. Today though in conversation with a friend this happened… which when then was repeated to a few other friends really elicited some good laughs.

friend: Oh for fuck’s sake, Maryland. Pave it all. And then number and letter your streets. Grid systems work, kids.
Me: does it though… imagine this “excuse me, can you tell me where a street is?” “brutha, yous on one”
“i don’t want one street, i wan a street” “this is a street, brutha”
“no, i mean the street named a” “oh, dats difrent. yous find dat by goin… down z street ere and ite down one street air”
“wait, what? one street like the number one is the name of the street? ” “um, ya, how else you say it?

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