mixtape: finlandia

Back in the day I fell in love with Sibelius’ Finlandia. There is something to the texture of the piece that stuck with me unlike the other composers I’d already begun to identify with such as Tchai, Stravinsky, Korsokov and even some Wagner. It makes sense in context and as my love of heavy music began to expand from the predictable elements of pure thrash metal into the more progressive elements of the sonic experimentation I was drawn to the Scandinavian and Eastern European influence in part because of the tonality built upon folk themes and styles and in part because of the irreverent nature in the context of what they were trying to achieve. One song in particular turned my musical direction on its head and helped thoroughly bridge a gap between the style of metal and the roots of orchestral unlike most others because it was a turning point in loving one genre the way I’d previously fallen in love with another. This playlist is a derivative of that experience and traces my roots from that type of experience to where I’m still continuously heading. My sincerest apologies for anyone expecting orchestral music in this list, as much as I’d like to trace that path, that’s another playlist for another time you’ll have to really beckon me for:

Meshuggah “Corridor of Chameleons” from Chaosphere
Byzantine “Justica” from …And They Shall Take Up Serpents
Alifeoncelost “Vulture” from Hunter
Ion Dissonance “This is the Last Time…” from Cursed
A Plea for Purging “Finite” from the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Opeth “the Grand Conjecture” from Ghost Reveries
Another Perfect Day “For You… Forever” from the Gothenberg Post-script
Amorphis “My Kantele (reprise)” from Elegy

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