mixtape: untitled

For today’s Monday mix, I struggled with what to call it as the central theme isn’t necessarily something that’s easy enough to just explain in a few words. Then again, it might not even be fully explained in the music either, it was just something I threw together between yesterday and today of songs that kept crossing my mind. The great thing about most music is although the artist might intend to produce one image or set of emotions the listener is open to their own personal interpretation of the lyrics, melody, rhythm, tempo based on life experience and individual mood. Therefore, because it is such an open palette today after such a crazy lead up to putting it together, the whole thing is simply going to be called untitled. You may attempt to fill in the blank as you so chose later.

Stretch Arm Strong “For Now” from Rituals of Life
Demon Hunter “Heartstrings Come Undone” from self-titled
Blindside “Pitiful” from Silence

the Beatles “Yesterday”


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