spam poetry: offered in any position

The other day I received an educational solicitation filled with fun double-entendre encouraging me to “learn more” Now, I received recruitment for a job that would gladly offer me a chance to dive right into their company utilizing some interesting turns of phrases that when read in the right context should keep you giggling all Friday long. If you’re out there searching for candidates for your next hire, stay away from this spammy prose for sure… but if you need some good adult entertainment this just might be your big day:

In this letter we are glad to offer you in any position, whose main purpose consists of satisfying the primary stakeholders thoroughly. It requires a soft touch while maintaining a firm grip on the principle. You’ll to take our team, and grasp your most daring ambitions. We invite you to participate deeply and bring your passions to it every day. There’s ample room for growth. And the staff with help you in every possible way embrace every nuanced opportunity. We invite you to dive right in and show us what you’ve got.

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1 Response to spam poetry: offered in any position

  1. lstbutifulgrl says:

    this is one of the best you have posted.

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