recipe: black bean bisque

The autumnal equinox might have passed only a few days ago, but the weather has not necessarily caught up to the seasonal changes. Although there was a morning chill filling the autumn, the raucous thunderstorms rolling through the area (triggering yes, Gothem City Cyclones!) brought back the late summer’s heat and humidity, followed by a river breeze that brought back the fall frost in the overnight. Through all of this, it brought me back into an interest in making soups and I was in a mood for black beans which inspired this. The recipe draws on my limited knowledge in making bisques and chowders when living in New England from which I borrowed some of the idea in crafting this. The black beans were canned, but dried and re-constituted would be good as well. The stock was a vegetable one left over from previous meals but any stock would do fine. Curly kale or collard (or other dark leafy greens) jullienned or even pureed and added would add additional flavor and texture. Any number of fish from oily fish like flaked tuna or blues to more delicate flavors such as lump crab or crayfish are also nice to add to the body. Two different approaches to cheeses would also work, the first is integrating hard cheeses into the cooking process or grated over the top at serving and the second would be to use a softer, creamier cheese and drape it over and bake the individual servings or at plating. The chorizo can be left out or replaced by linguica, or any other pork sausage or other smoked product. Finally, serving with file (sasafrass powder) and hot sauce at the table are other options.

Black beans
red onion
bell pepper
garlic cloves
jalapeno pepper
bay leaf
cracked black pepper


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