mixtape: trippin it

Long trips always require the right soundtrack for them. They require the right balance of conversational songs peaceful melodies and aggressive grooves to get into and this was my attempt at one for visiting my sister and her fiance. It needed to cover all three adequately and keep things enjoyable without being too disjointed overall. The excerpts from it also tell a little bit of the tale of where I traveled along the way heading southward to mark some of the points along the way:

Biohazard “Five Blocks to the Subway” from State of the Word Address
Sick of it All “Built to Last” from Built to Last
H2O feat. Freddy Madball “Guilty by Association” from FTTW
Leeway “Foot the Bill” from Open Mouth Kiss
the Number 12 Looks Like You “Image Nation Express” from Mongrel
Folly “Please Don’t Shoot the Piano Player…” from Insanity Later
the Bouncing Souls “Hopeless Romantic” from Hopeless Romantic
the Loved Ones “Suture Self” from Keep Your Heart
Thursday “Understanding in a Car Crash” from Full Collapse
This.Day.Forward “One and One” from in Response
Black Label Society (feat. Zakk Wylde) “Bored to Tears” from Sonic Brew
God Forbid “Divide My Destiny” from Determination
the Dillinger Escape Plan “Fix Your Face” from Ire Works
Boysetsfire “After the Eulogy” from After the Eulogy
Clutch “Cypress Groove” from Blast Tyrant
Fugazi “Repeater” from Repeater

If you have idea down, feel free to suggest bands that are not Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Trixter, Poison, Overkill, the Misfits, etc. whom I might have missed, and yeah, I know the final area is under-represented, it’s because I wasn’t there long enough to really include as much as the others. Also, I really wanted to use Sleep Station but couldn’t figure them in despite the fact I did listen out of, well, the same reason I listened to the Boss even though he missed this mix too!


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