quick shot: hockey draft

Well, it’s that time of year, again, hockey time. Fantasy Sports Tarnation Usually, fantasy baseball is my only pretend to be a manager using profanity combination that should never be expressed as I get dealt the fate of a revolving door of disabled list players… ok, not really, but this year I decided to skate on thin ice and try my hand again at fantasy hockey. It is questionable how well this league is going to fair since I am not convinced most of the players are really in it to win it and that usually means I’m less competitive. I was second to last in the draft and the usual names (in order I think it went Ovi, Sid, Igila, Geno, Datsuk, Hossa, St. Louis, Green) all went pretty quick so when my essentially back to back picks came up and I could grab Backstrom and one of the Sendins there was no reason not to begin with them, the next round I filled in the netminders because, surprisingly enough it seemed like everyone else was looking at forwards (although, Marty, Miller and Nabs were already gone). By the third round it was winger time for me and then onto the D. Honestly, I was a little surprised at some of the picks, mostly on names, default draft seeings and on people’s hometown teams, but hey, it works to my favor, I suppose.

Essentially the team setup is 6 forwards (2 centers, 4 wingers), 4 d-men, 1 goalie and 3 open slots to fill per day plus 4 bench players in reserve. Since goalies points seem to carry weight, I am carrying three and if I can I’ll end up playing two a night. It is kind of the same principle I use with pitching in baseball because of the way most of those points are weighted too, though it seems like almost half the teams are only carrying one goalie. I wasn’t sure how to handle the D so I took what was available, which was better than I expected since I closed out the draft on them. Overall, I am fairly happy with what I drafted despite it being a big league, it feels deep enough to compete with and you’ll notice some consistency as to where the players come from…

C Henrik Sedin VAN
C Nicky Backstrom WAS
C Valtteri Filppula DET
RW Marian Gaborik NYR
RW Corey Perry ANA
RW Jiri Hudler DET
RW Mike Knuble WAS
LW Patrick Marleau SJ
LW Thomas Vanek BUF
LW Michael Cammalleri MON
D Jordan Leopold BUF
D Keith Yandle PHO
D Marc-Edouard Vlasic SJ
D Jeff Schultz WAS
D Christian Ehrhoff VAN
G Roberto Luongo VAN
G Tuukka Rask BOS
G Jimmy Howard DET



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