recipe: red beans and rice

I adore delta cuisine, and its creole dialect of cooking from it adores the idea of beans over rice. There are any number of ways to approach this classic dish from the classic North American to the throwback to Europe to the African to the Latin and South American versions, to even my own personal versions that are built from variants of all the above dependent on what I have in the house at the time from red to pink/pinto to kidney to even black beans or black eyed peas to the trinity to the mirequoix to some other veggie base to a number of different herb and spice mixes to build from drawing from the region. The most lovely part about a great version of this is to get the rice to be slightly stick to add to the “sauce” thickness and a balance of flavors including pork or sausage as well as shredded dark leafy greens or okra. To make a more complete sauce add a bit of mollassas and stone ground mustard to the beans with the stock… there are so many versions there’s almost no way to do it wrong as long as you enjoy preparring it with love and those who enjoy it with you…

Bell pepper
Anaheim pepper
Garlic cloves
Red Beans
Black Pepper
Bay leaf
Dried rosemary
Paprika (smoked)
Cayenne pepper
Brown rice
dried and fresh parsley
Olive oil
Stock pot
Large skillet

Finely dice 2:2:1:1:1 of onion, celery, peppers and garlic
Combine the veggies and coat lightly in oil and begin to saute in the large skillet
Coat the rice in the stock pot with a light coating of oil and lightly toast
Add the stock to the pot and bring to a boil and back down to a simmer
Add the bay leaf and the rosemary, black pepper, dried parsley and paprika and continue to simmer according to the package instructions (40 to 60 minutes)
Add the beans to the veggies with a stock so that the beans are about 1/3 covered
Season with Black Pepper, Thyme, dried parsley, bay leaf, rosemary, paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper (and molassas and mustard)
Allow the beans to simmer until the rice is tender
Once the rice tender and the liquid is fully absorbed remove from the heat
Once the beans simmered and the liquid is reduced by about half remove from the heat
Remove the bay leafs
Serve the rice on the plate and spoon the beans and sauce onto the rice with fresh springs of parsley


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