new look, new feel

Since mid-high school I have had what would typically be considered long hair in some way, shape or form. Even before my two years of cropped cuts in very early high school that bordered on nearly a buzzed head, I did not have the shortest of hair. From youthful shags, to bowls, to layered waves, to skater dos, and more I can’t remember (or choose not to, like the the mullet, the Jason from Metallica undercut mop, etc.) it was always about the Samson style length even when my mother was less than supporting even though the styles were of her own making to begin with.

So, here I am, sitting feeling as if Delilah just shaved my scalp.

Ok, maybe that is an overstatement, since it is not exactly shaved, nor even short by some standards. However, for me, this is a considerable change in my way long ago post about long locks defending the concept of more than 3″ hair for men in the first place.

So, I cut my hair. Does that ensure I will take on a frog-like personality in the vein of Inspector Clouseau? We are not talking like taking off significant amounts, at least not compared to previous cuts. However, this one attempt at doing something significantly different than before.

I walked into the salon and when the hairdresser inquired what I’d like to do I simply stated, “I want it short, er, short-er, like women’s short though, not men’s… I’ve had long hair for so long that I’m not sure that would cut it.” She laughed. Yes, that was the first of many puns. Sad attempts at humor to entertain myself, which thankfully also seemed entertaining to her as well.


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