Recently The Thrillist NY shot an email to a friend who forwarded it to me with this most amazing concept presented by Basically, it is the soundtrack you create to represent yourself in the afterlife pressed complete with your actual ashes pressed directly into the vinyl. The static scratch in the background might just be your own voice coming back to haunt the listener.

There are several ways to approach something of this nature. The most obvious is creating the soundtrack to your life, a series of songs designed to evoke memories and relay your life back to the listener. The second would be a collection of songs that take on a lesser individual meaning in the past, but perhaps represent something more enveloping to any listener to evoke a particular emotion, the way say Prom Themes might be picked out. Then, there’s the tongue-in-cheek version that would place some other value on the songs with some random combination of songs that tell another story all together.

Knowing my love for music, occasionally quirky sense of humor and the fact that this would be the “ultimate” mix… I might approach it something like this:

the Super Mario Brothers theme – for the song stuck in my head eternally, yes, everyone needs a soundtrack in their brain, that’s mine
Benny Goodman w/ Gene Krupa & Harry James “Sing Sing Sing” – for my youth, because I was a percussionist and Gene’s a hero, plus everyone expects it
Billie Holiday w/ Louis Satchmo Armstrong “Autumn in New York” – for growing up and subsequently living in and in the shadow of the city knowing Sept is the best month ever
the Beatles “a Day in the Life” – for knowing that life is just that chaotic
Primus “John the Fisherman” – for wanting to be a fisherman, or a marine biologist, or whatever in my alternate life
Iron Maiden “Wasted Years” – for being the band that made me metal, and a damned good piece of advice in the chorus
Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks” – for being bombastic and introspective and having a mood that sometimes matched me to a t, great groove and all
Cream “Sunshine of Your Love” – for, well, you know.
Johnny Cash “Man in Black” – for being so on point and also writing a song title that described most of my wardrobe
Type O Negative “Life is Killing Me” – for a little bit of humor in death
Stevie Ray Vaughn & Double Trouble “Riveria Paradise” – for exit music, because everyone needs some

I just threw this together, I’m sure I could do better with the next however many years left to work on it. It definitely needs more lovin in it for the sarcasm


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