recipe: sage pasta

The other day I wanted to make a quick autumn feeling recipe that would feel as relaxing making it as it would be to share eating it with someone. I shuffled through a few standby recipes that might work while wandering past the fruit and veggie carts on the corner and through the grocery store to come up with this idea for a sage pasta. It is a quick and fairly straight forward recipe which for me can actually sometimes be more of a challenge because it seems almost all too simple. Dried and fresh sage create the flavor profile along with some nearly caramelized veggies. The white beans where canned and drained but you can use dried and reconstituted if you have time to prepare them. I used spaghetti because I am partial to it for recipes like this, but a penne or other ridged pasta tube would work well in holding the sauce and maybe make it easier to eatCheese is optional, but if you do I suggest a combination of fresh pecornino romano and parmesiana regiano along with fresh cracked black pepper when serving.

Onion (red)
Garlic cloves
Bell pepper
Baby portabello mushrooms
White (cannelloni beans)
dried sage
dried parsley
fresh sage
cracked black pepper
olive oil
large stock pot
saute or fry pan

Combine with oil about a 4:1 ratio of dried sage to parsley along with fresh cracked black pepepr and hold aside
Julienne the mushrooms, bell pepper and onion, dice the garlic
Saute the vegetables in a little bit of olive oil allowing them to nearly caramelize but not burn
Fill the stock pot with water and bring to a boil. Salt the water as necessary and add the pasta cooking to package instructions (usually about 8 minutes to al dente)
Drain the pasta in the collendar and return to the empty stock pot
Toss the pasta with the vegetables, the oil and sage dressing, preparred white beans and fresh sage

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