bacon & bourbon, the Quip edition: gaga gag

This could very well be the single worst post I will make in the Bacon & Bourbon series. For a half second, it actually made me consider if I need to shut the segment down or not. Thankfully, no, it shall remain intact, for now, however This Vogue Homme from Japan picture courtesy of Styleite features a scantly clad Lady Gaga.

How is this different than any other Lady Gaga pic and what does it have to do with Bacon you ask?

Well, she’s wearing it! Yes, you did indeed read right. A meat bikini. Mostly, this is just gross until you really start to think about how over-the-top intriguing it is. After all, it gives new meaning to wearing one’s food. And, for a fashion statement you can’t beat meat… though again, it gives new meaning to the idea of beating your meat too.

So, on the right woman the meat might just cook itself. On the some other one, she’d be naked before you had a chance to cover your eyes (from eating it off herself).

The pork council must be loving this, after all, it’s what’s for dinner. And, you know right now, there’s some dude thinking to himself, “I’d so eat that!”

Of course, she is dressed to the grills, which means another dude is dreaming, “I’d like her to be wrapped in my meat.”

Now do you see why this got into the Quip series too?

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