quip: dear god

A friend of mine recently posted the following note after an evening out:

Dear God~ Okay, okay… lesson understood. I will never again dabble with your evil whiskey water. Nor will I ever again believe that it’s a good idea to finish off an evening of whiskey water with a
gallon of beer. I hope you have a nice day. I’m sure it will be better than mine was.
…Much — Me

To which I posted in reply

see you addressed this completely wrong…it should read something more to the effect of
Dear Whiskey… ok, lesson learned, I will never dabble in your evil God phenomenon while under your influence, nor will I ever again believe it is a good idea to finish off an evening contemplating God with dreams high doses of your sour mash goodness. Mistaking imaginary beings for a higher power when I have you was wrong and I reckon now that I know this my day will get better when I start consuming you again and forget about all that other nonsense.
…much — a wiser me


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