quick shot: all star no star

The mid-season classic is upon us and that means it is time to take a peek at my fantasy team rosters and grade my (in)ability to manage them this season. Fantasy Sports Tarnation As you may recall in the Fantasy Freakshow I was both blessed and cursed with the number one overall pick in both leagues.

The larger and way more competitive of the two leagues saw me go from second place after the first month clear down to last in a huge collapse, only to finally claw my way back up to 7 of the 12 teams at the break. The biggest turnover came at SP and in the OF (OF are a dime a dozen anyhow). Most of the 18 moves I made seem to have worked out alright so far, though, yes, I did drop 3B – Beltre who was an AL All Star, but Rolen’s numbers were better and, as it turns out, is an all star too! The goal here is to finish in the top half so I make it into the playoffs and do it in under 30 moves.

C McCann – NL Reserve & game MVP
1B Pujols – NL All Star
2B/3B Figgins
SS Aybar
3B – Rolen – NL Reserve
2B/SS Cabrera – DL
1B/OF Swisher – AL Reserve
OF Gartener
OF Span
OF DeJesus

SP Pettite – AL Reserve
SP – Cahill -AL Reserve

SP – Haren
SP – Slowey
SP – Sanchez
SP – Gonzales
SP – Leake
SP – LeBlank
SP – Fister
CL Soria – AL Reserve
CL K-Rod

On the other hand in the smaller league I basically drafted an all star lineup and haven’t made many changes to it since the draft and I’ve maintained first place out of six fairly easily (as you’ll see by that lineup) and only nine moves. My goal after draft day was to complete the season in under double digit moves, but that probably won’t happen. Pretty happy with it overall right now so if I can keep it under 15 and maintain my first place position it’ll be good.

C – Olivo
1B Pujols – NL Reserve
1B/3B Youk
1B/3B Reynolds
1B/2B/3B Prado NL Starter
2B Uggla
2B/SS/OF Zoberist
2B/3B Figgins
1B/OF Dunn
OF Hamilton – AL Starter
OF Rios
C/1B Martinez – AL Reserve / DL
2B/SS Cabrera – DL

SP Lincecum – NL Reserve
SP Halladay – NL Reserve
SP Sabbathia – AL Reserve
SP Hughes – AL Reserve
SP Weaver – AL Reserve

SP Grinke
SP Baker
SP Dempster
CL Broxton – NL Reserve
CL Soria – AL Reserve
CL Rivera – AL All Star


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