So, what the fuck should you make for dinner tonight?

Cook some fucking (insert dish here… my first did indeed include bacon!)

Well, Mona passed along WTFSIMFD made by Zach and Russ and drawing from the culinary inspiration of Epicurious and (maybe others, those were the only one’s I was directed to).

It is perfect for us indecisive folk who need the extra push and guidance on what to prepare for one’s self in the evening. Not necessarily my problem per se… but hey, I could always use the extra recipe inspiration from time to time.

Don’t fucking like that? Try again… and again… and again. It’s a treat if you get too persnickety… you’ll see…

Don’t fucking eat meat? Don’t worry, they have you rabbits covered too!

If you need a desert suggestion, by the way, I was shown as a top suggestion more than once the Bourbon and Chocolate Pecan Pie… lemme know how it works out!

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