recipe: porto chili de bacalhau

There is almost nothing authentic about this recipe, it’s not chili like El Tazon de Rojo con Carne, nor is it a truly Portuguese / Iberian type recipe either, but for me it fits in nicely to the overall chili collection I’ve been creating and draws from both those loves.

It would be very easy to make any number of variations on this as long as you get the base flavors correct. Remember, it’s part chili, part rice dish, so make sure you take good care to include enough of the peppers to make it a chili while seasoning the rice appropriately.

Red Peppers
Piri Piri or other small hot pepper
Red onion
Pepper corns (black & white)
Stock *
Brown Rice
Chorizo (linguica or other sausage)
olive oil
Cod fish (or other white fish)
Bay leaf
Turmeric *
Coriander *
Paprika (sweet) *
Garlic powder *
All Spice *

* Combine 3:2:1:1 of Coriander; Turmeric; Paprika, Garlic Powder, All Spice

Two stock pots (one to make stock and one to make the chili)
large skillet, fry pan or paella style pan

Split the whole head of garlic in half horizontally to expose the centers of all the cloves
Slice the onion into large rings
In a broiler or over an open flame char the whole peppers, the onion and garlic
Remove the skins from the peppers by placing them in a bag to steam and then peeling it off and removing the insides of the bell peppers only
Remove the paper from the garlic
Coarsely dice the peppers, onion and celery
Place the all unused parts of the veggies in the second stock pot with water with pepper corns and bring to a boil for no less than 20 minutes

Chili part
Slice the chorizo
Place the chili peppers and 2/3 to 3/4 of the garlic, bell pepper, onion and celery in the large pot, combine with dried rosemary and cracked pepper and coat very lightly with the oil
allow to begin to saute over low heat
Add Chorizo to the pot and allow it to begin to brown with the veggies
After browning occurs add stock
Season with Coriander; Turmeric; Paprika, Garlic, all spice mixture, plus a bay leaf
Bring liquid up to a complete boil and than back it down to a simmer and let it cook till the liquid is reduced by between half and two thirds

Place the remaining vegetables in the pan, coat lightly with oil and cracked pepper
Begin to saute and add the rice to the pan and allow to toast until it begins to become translucent
Add the stock at about a 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice
Season generously with the Coriander; Turmeric; Paprika, Garlic, all spice mixture
Bring up to a boil and back down to a simmer
Allow the rice to cook according to the package instruction, usually 20-30 minutes

Coat the fillets of cod with the Coriander; Turmeric; Paprika, Garlic, all spice mixture
Once the rice is almost tender, ladle the chili part over the rice in the large pan
Place the fillets in the pan over the chili, cover and allow the fillets to steam
The rice should begin to almost burn to the bottom of the pan creating the socorra
Once the fillets are cooked through gently with a fork flake them over the top of the chili. The should flake in large chunks which you can arrange if you’d like
Serve family style

A nice variant of this I like to do is to place collard leaves over the rice / under the chili so you get a little burst of green and another layer of flavor when serving.

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