recipe: smothered grits par peltier

Over the years, I’ve made more variations of this idea than I could possibly count, even though this one skillet dish is usually my inexpensive, easy to make and fairly healthy standby concept. Couple of short cuts here, if you need, including using canned tomato rather than fresh and frozen dark leafy greens rather than fresh, red pepper flakes rather than the anahiem, and whatever stock / broth you have (or even water) as well as 5 minute grits (do not use instant, that’s just lame, hahaha!). I use bottled hot sauce in the recipe because of the vinegar. It is important that the tomato remain the centerpiece of the meal while the beans, collards and base flavors play accomplishment to it

There are several ways to then take the dish and build it out. Personally, I enjoy some crumbled goat cheese or other soft cheese over the top and using it as a “side” with either some blackened chicken or an andoulie sausage. Another enjoyable way is to use wedges of citrus (assorted to whatever your preference) to a pan seared fish (catfish or tuna end up being it quite often) as the protein. Another way a friend noted for me was to do it with alvacado and some grilled sweet corn, while another time I made it warm, with some stock in the veggies and it was almost like a jambalaya over grits… so once you have the base idea down, it really does have diversity beyond being a nice dish as written.

Red onion
Red bell pepper
Anaheim pepper
Collard (or other dark leafy green)
Black beans
Olive Oil
Hot sauce (personal preference is Crystal)
White Homily Grits
Veggie Stock
House seasoning

In a large pot of boiling water blanch the peppers and celery and then immerse in an ice bath.
In the same pot then cook till tender (but not over cooked!) and then immerse in an ice bath.
Follow the instructions for cooking the grits (usually around 4:1 ratio liquid to grits and 20 minutes or so over low heat). Season them lightly with the house seasoning if desired.
Coarsely chop the onion, peppers, celery, garlic, tomatoes, cilatro and collard leaves and place them in a large mixing bowl with the black beans
Combine 2:1 ratio of hot sauce to molasses and a little olive oil, season it with the house seasoning and toss with the veggies.
If you have the time while waiting for the grits to finish cooking chill the mixture
Serve in a bowl with the grits on the bottom and the veggies on top.

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