bourbon: roll out the barrel

Zan is at it again, along with some help from my kindred Big Rob in presenting Bourbon Barrel Foods.

Kentucky bluegrass between your toes and some bourbon steeping between your lips, what a wonderful thought. Really… could it be any better named? This place abuses the idea of reworking the bourbon cask by putting anything that even remotely might benefit from the experience in it and reselling it. Paprika, Vanilla, Pepper Corns, Salt, Worcestershire Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet Sorghum, etc. It is limited batch manufacturing by locals that seems to have all the right fixings and distributed by Foodzie which specializes in the unique and niche.

There are limitless ways one could integrate these into familiar dishes to give them a new spin. The amount I personally cook with bourbon to begin with finds none of these combinations much of a surprise, but perhaps that is why they are so intriguing, because they are common sense good and don’t abuse the proto-typical, hey, let’s make bourbon BBQ sauce (because, we all need more of that!)…

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