quick shot: fantasy freakshow

So, it’s Fantasy baseball time again. Fantasy Sports Tarnation Two leagues to cover once again and the #1 pick overall in both. Betcha cannot guess who I took in both… a better guess would be who I took second, especially considering the second league roster…!!!

Sadly, when you play in a large league #1 also than means something like the #24 and #25 picks for your next two rounds and so on, which completely threw off my typical first round pick of a top flight starting pitcher and second round of a solid producing catcher. Overall, I am happy with most of the team. The IF is strong, though the OF is not, OFers are usually a dime a dozen production wise come mid-season. The pitching shows a lot of potential depth but beyond the top few starters it gets risky. If those risks pay off it’ll be a steal, if not, i could be a waiver wire fanatic trying to fill in holes

C McCann
1B Pujols
2B Roberts
SS Aybar
3B Beltre
2B/3B Figgins
2B/SS Cabrera
1B/3B Atkins
1B/OF Swisher
1B/OF Jackson
OF Morgan

SP Haren
SP Harden
SP Dempster
SP Floyd
SP DiceK
SP Sheets
SP Pettite
SP Lohse
CL Soria
CL K-Rod

and my first two moves were trade 1B/OF Jackson for SP Millwood
and then drop 1B/3B Atkins for 1B/3B/OF DeRosa to replace the loss of an OF in Jackson.
Both moves are pending approval which comes opening day Sunday… and all fielding positions plus one “utility” must always be filled as well as 2 SP, 2 RP and 3 P spots.

Thankfully, in the second league there wasn’t nearly as much draft-action as in the first, which is not what it’s been in years past. the second team is almost unfair in some ways, but let’s wait to see how the final production plays out before we begin to make assumptions on both opening day rosters.

C/1B Martinez
1B Pujols
1B/3B Sandoval
1B/3B Youk
1B/3B Reynolds
2B/SS/OF Zoberist
2B/3B Figgins
2B/SS Cabrera
1B/OF Dunn
1B/OF Cuddyer
1B/OF Jones

SP Lincecum
SP Halladay
SP Sabbathia
SP Grinke
SP Baker
SP Cain
SP Weaver
SP Dempster
CL Broxton
CL Soria
CL Rivera

That needs really no tweaking or real explanation, apart from maybe one or two opening week moves I am contemplating.



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