mixtape: women’s history

I have a soft spot for female vocals, be it Lady Gaga and Madonna to Fleetwood Mac, the Tiny to Arch Enemy, the Gathering to P J Harvey and Tori Amos… and then some… So, not long ago I did a mix that featured a number of metal style duets called when ladies lead that explored some of the more interesting ways to pair vocals in a genre traditionally dominated by leading men. I probably jumped the gun putting it together, to say the least, but that’s more than ok, it wasn’t meant to be an homage in that respect.

This time, I thought I would give a shot at it based on actual female artists and not just (guest) duets. To help trim and focus the list for manageability, I stuck with what I have access to either via vinyl, CDs or downloads I’ve collect legally and could remember off the top of my head. The problem with doing a list like this though, is, inevitably someone is going to chime in with some comment about how I missed their favorite, or how one of them sucks and why did I include it, etc. Hey, guess what? If you think you can do better, let me see your mix based on the stuff you have in your music catalog by please posting it in the comments (and if you torrented your whole collection…well, lucky you Capt. Eyepatch, I didn’t because of respect for US Copyright so my 3500 or so recordings cannot compete).

“Eleanor” the Gathering from Mandylion (Isn’t anywhere near my fave the Gathering song, but it makes a great lead and I wanted to start strong with one of my fave all time female vocalists)
“Rust Cleansing” Madder Morten from Deadlands
“Breath Today” Flyleaf from Flyleaf (album version)
“Brick by Boring Brick” Paramore
“Forever” In This Moment from the Dream
“Unspoken” Lacuna Coil from Comalies
“Crazy = Cute” Zolof and the Rock and Roll Destroyer from the Popsicle EP
“Hit Me With Your Best Shot” Pat Benatar from Crimes of Passion
“Barracuda” Heart from Little Queen
“Rhiannon” Fleetwood Mac from Rumors
“a Sort of Fairy Tale” Tori Amos from Scarlet’s Walk (Oh, Tori, if only we met in another life, if only…”
“Angelic” Antimater from Savior
“Hazy Shade of Winter” the Bangles from the Less Than Zero soundtrack (yeah, I know, it’s a cover, typically a no-no, but damned it’s a good one and tell me that’s not a nice little transition too – t-ed)
from Crisis the Hollowing
“Emerald Island” Leaves Eyes from Njord
“Faith Comes Knocking” Trail of Tears from Bloodstaind Endurance
“Enemy Within” Arch Enemy from Wages of Sin (which is the single most brutal execution of any woman on a mic I’ve personally ever witnessed and a diametrical point from whence we began in many a way)

Maybe, if we’re all wholely unlucky I’ll do my Jazz version of this, since when i started messing round with the list I was including Jazz and it got to be too much to take up.

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4 Responses to mixtape: women’s history

  1. lstbutifulgrl says:

    just the fact that you put “Hit Me” on here makes me love it, but mostly for reasons you won’t get.

  2. thedoormouse says:

    glad it made your day

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