quip: quakes shakes

I am by no means making light of the peril taking place in Chili right now post- Earthquake. The devastation is enormous and my heart goes out to my friend’s families who are down there. Thankfully, most are relatively unaffected at present.

I am however, quite intrigued by the aftermath of it in other ways as NASA now estimates the Earth itself shifted on its access it is thought as a result of the enormity of the quake. Amazing, right?! It comes with several key findings now, to which this was said:

Me: So, apparently now, Earth is more vertical thanks to Chile moving the figure axis by about 3 inches
Friend: See I told you Chileans could move the world!
Me: Yeah, I always knew not to Fck with you, now I see the reason exactly why. Who pissed you off enough to make this happen anyhow?
Friend: Who says we’re pissed?
Me: Well, can you put it back then please?

Me: figures now we’re gonna have to be that much more productive with 1.26 microseconds less time to do it in!
Friend: Wonderful, as if the days weren’t short enough to accomplish everything
Me: Well, the plus side is it’ll be 1.26 microseconds less we will have to listen to you complain about not getting it done either!

Me: You know, there’s really only one way to undo this now right?
Friend: Oh, and how’s that?
Me: Either, Russia or Canada are going to have to produce something tectonically to tip us back.
Friend: Not likely
Me: I know, right… with our luck though they’d both do it at the same time and cancel one another out (and all other Canadian and Russian jokes held aside)

Me: I cannot wait to start hearing the excuses on why this happened… my guess: Earth is pissed
Friend: Are you sure it’s not God?
Me: Nah, if God were gonna do it I doubt She’d go so small, there’s way more dramatic stuff in Revelations to undertake
Friend: Point taken, but why would Earth do this to itself?
Me: Well, if a volcano is kind of like popping a zit, than is this maybe picking at a scab

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