the buzzkill

Everyone knows Google for its monster metrics for Search results (advancing alta vista, yahoo, etc) and their ability to pool those results into a dominate display ad business model. They launched a free email product gMail and subsequent add on with an instant messaging (gim?) service that continue to gain ground in their respective models while leveraging the same advertising model they did so well with search on (although, not without criticism for “doing evil” for parsing conversation to serve ads and tailing AOL, Yahoo, MSFT, Skype). They made an attempt at digitizing the world with geo-services like g-Maps and g-Earth that continue to grow and change the use of geo-targeting (again, not without “doing evil” for parsing location to serve ads and sharing location without user prompts while following Mapquest, MSFT & Yahoo Maps). Heck, they even have the wildly popular Youtube now, though they can’t seem to monitize it (they also don’t have many self-made “evils” in it either, for self-loaded vids were there long before Goggle doing evil)

They have had plenty of flailing products from their perpetual “beta” too… Google Books in the world digitizing texts (doing “evil” by infringing on copyrights and leveraging the digitized works to sell ads against) to Desktop (which did “evil” by potentially exposing your desktop to the ‘net without explicit permission while doing what MSFT & APPL already do) to News (which indexed news and until the mid 2000’s without having agreements with AP, Reuters, AFP, etc. for its evil and still is at odds with NYT, Fox, etc mimicing Yahoo and MSN) to the Chrome Browser (that used browsing infro to customize the ad experience in the background to be subtly “evil” trying to be IE, Netscape, Firefox, Opera, Safari) that had nominal success.

And that’s but a few, the list could (and maybe should if Google bashing were the only point) but ultimately this is hardly a Google problem, as the average internet and mobile user is more than happy (if unknowingly) sharing their private information and giving up a multitude of other “rights” as part of the “privilege” of being online and using (free) services. There are a plethora of examples of the bastadization of online services at the underlying cost t the consumer.

And, here we are today with BUZZ. What a buzz-kill!

So, lets see… self-expression online dates back to what AOL Hometown and Geocities, early social blogging on Live Journal and MySpace and the latest incarnations of Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr while the integrations into existing services like AIM and Yahoo! provide nearly everyone with some way to share their daily being.

Then comes along Google, trying to claim some kind of stake on the social network. Knowing their ability to leverage their “users” (as if they were drug addictions to the Google Kool Aid!) actions to sell advertising (see Facebook thinks I’m Fat!) and their failed attempts with Youtube, Okrit, etc to accomplish it they turned to buying Search on social networks to gain an understanding of real time search in rolling out this new product inside their existing echosystem to a bunch of unsuspecting members to turn them into users too.

The epic fail (to use and overused but appropriate for the medium term) of Google Buzz is insane within a week:

the Twitter, FB, Msp and tech message boards light up along with the blogsphere bashing and thrashing the service and providing quick fixes to restore privacy settings
then NYT, WSG, SFGate, CNN, BBC, CSM and several others run several privacy concern stories from headlines to op-eds tracking the launch through the terms of service to date, the add on coverage includes the AP, AFP, Reuters, etc.
while Wired, PC World and others run an entire series detailing the problems and quick solutions for privacy concerned individuals
next Electronic Privacy Information Center files a formal compaint to the FTC regarding the service
while Eva Hibnick leads a class action law suit in CA against the privacy concerns over the service
And, several other groups like EFF and move against the Buzz service roll out.
Mashable, Gizmodo, SIA and others bring up the launch, the response and run polls and their less than scientific response by potential early adopters seems to be a less than accepted response…

Not exactly the smoothest first week, to say the least! Buzz it up here for yourself to see the news clips (do you see the irony in using buzz to buzz about the negative buzz for buzz? fucking b’zzzzzzzzzzzz).

abusing our misgivings and misunderstandings … taking advantage of our lack of experience and expertise

done under the guise of assinting a rate of adoption


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