recipe: repas de mardi gras

Usually, I don’t eat much steak, but there are a couple circumstances that necessitate it (like a trip to Firenze, Italia or to Franklin St with my sister, etc.) and today is one of them. My traditional Mardi Gras meal has to have a nice steak to go with it owing to giving up meat (among other things) for lent. Tonight’s meal was literally under fifteen dollars to make and was completely built out of walking around the grocery store after work. I really enjoyed the creation of it (and the devouring of it after). I’ve divided it out into three parts to make it easy to follow along, but in reality, the timing of making all of them together isn’t too bad, just not easy to type out and make easy sense. The cut of beef I had was a top round like what you would use for a london broil. I like my steak rare to maybe medium rare, however, you should cook it to your liking just bare in mind the more well done, the more a chance you’ll also burn the spices clean off it. The basic blackening seasoning idea I used is a combination of onion powder, garlic powder, ground black pepper, ground white pepper, paprika, cumin, crushed dried rosemary and ground cayenne, but any pre-made one could work too. The grits are savory and the colors are meant to really match the purples, greens and golds of Mardi Gras. If you want some fictional fun history of the holiday try here (sadly I’ve lost the previous stories over the years),

Blackened Beef
top round or other similar cut
blackening seasoning
cast iron skillet or flattop

Preheat your skillet over a medium flame to bring it up to temperature
Lightly tenderize your beef with a mallet if desired
Allow the meat to rest to take the chill off
Rub the beef with the blackening seasoning ensuring full coverage
Dust the beef over the blackening seasoning with the corn meal
Slice the tomatoes
Place pads of butter into the skillet and allow them to melt, don’t let it completely smoke off / burn
Place the beef in the skillet, remember to adjust the heat as the beef will immediately lower the temperature
Allow the beef to cook about 2/3 of the way on the first side, developing a nice crust with the corn meal
Flip and all the final 1/3 of cooking to occur, again bringing a nice crust to the corn meal
Pull the beef from the skillet and allow it to rest
While the beef rests add the tomatoes to the skillet and all them to caramelize
Slice the beef and top with the tomatoes

Smothered Mardi Gras Grits
Red onion
Green Bell pepper
Homily Grits
Chicken Stock
fresh cracked Black pepper
ground cayenne pepper
bay leaf

For every 1/4 cup of grits it’s about 1 cup of liquid, but follow the directions on the box to ensure you cook them correctly.

Chop the onion, garlic and pepper
Sweat them in the pot over medium heat
Chop the tomatoes
Add the chicken stock, tomatoes and bay leaf, season with black and cayenne pepper
Bring the stock up to a boil add the grits and then bring down to a simmer
Cook as per instructions on the box covered until the grits are tender

Sauteed Collard
Fresh collard greens
chopped garlic
lime zest
black pepper
olive oil
large frying pan

Clean the collard greens
Toss them in the oil to very lightly coat the leaves and place them in the frying pan
Season with the lime zest, crushed garlic and black pepper
Sautee over medium heat so the leaves begin to wilt
About halfway through the cooking process add a shot of bourbon to the pan, be very careful igniting the bourbon so it quickly burns off and imparts the flavor to the leaves
Finish wilting the collards and serve.

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  1. BNE says:

    My husband really does like grits, but we have never cooked them with so many tasty ingredients added. We printed the recipe and will give them a try soon. Thanks for a new idea.

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