mixtape: the politics of music

In honor of our a holiday that is kind of lost as to what it really is about – here’s a trivia question, do you know? In 1971 the combination of political jargon and attempts at leaching one’s own politicians into the original celebration of the father of the country, George Washington resulted in the now all but defined spectacle honoring any combination of Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Calvin Coolidge, and John Kennedy along with car dealers, department stores and any other capitalist who wanted to boost mid-winter’s sales at the expense of democracy, further blurring the lines between the two. And, we wonder why there’s so little respect for politicians and government these days… the chances we have to really understand and educate ourselves about our political system of democracy through those who truly led using it, we create a crowded soup of confusion that is eventually overtaken by consumerism, go figure. Well, music has made its own statement over the years about its interpretation of the government, so feel free to get angry along today and enjoy the mix:

“War Pigs” Black Sabbath from Paranoid – “politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war, why should they go out to fight? they leave that role to the poor”
“Fall of Order” Damn the Machine from d.t.m. – “And the promises will die, the elders lie”
“Revolution Calling” Queensryche from Operation: Mindcrime – “got no love for politicians or that crazy scene in DC… who do you trust when everyone’s a crook?”
“the Politics of Ecstacy” Nevermore from the Politics of Ecstasy – “the world we’ve bred, political pigs we’ve fed”
“2 Minutes to Midnight” Iron Maiden from Powerslave – “as the madmen play on word and make us all dance to their song… go to war again, blood is freedom’s stain”
“Cult of Personality” Living Color from Vivid – “i exploit you and you still love me”
“Symphony of Destruction” Megadeth from Countdown to Extinction – “you take a mortal man, and put him in control, watch him become a god, and people’s heads a roll”
“Master of Puppets” Metallica from Master of Puppets – “I’m your source of self-destruction… Come crawling faster… Obey Your Master”
“Demanufacture” Fear Factory from Demanufacture – “Desensitized by the values of life, maligned and despaired by government lies”
“Reign” Fear My Thoughts from the Great Collapse – “again some gathered and created the foundation of the perfect system: lies”
“Architects of the Apocalypse” Heaven Shall Burn from Antigone – “Cathedrals of justice in a kingdom of hypocrisy, castles of self-righteousness built on graves”
“Amendment” God Forbid from Reject the Sickness – “the belief of freedom is murdered all at once”
“the Great Dividers” Unearth from the Oncoming Storm – DOES HATE MEAN FREEDOM?
“Declaration” Trivium from Ascendancy – “A nation hell bent on choosing what’s right, and how we all should live our lives…mind your own goddamn fucking business”
“Contractor” Lamb of God from Wrath – “privatize to conceal all the lies big business is booming like its the 4th of July”
“Mass Corruption” Pissing Razors from Cast Down the Plague – “Corrupted by the promise of words, the hopeful lured by instinct unscathed, suffering revealed innocence lost opened the mind to illusions not gained”
“Propaganda” Sepultura from Chaos AD – “Propaganda Hides Your Scum… Don’t, Don’t Believe!
“Davidian” Machine Head from Burn My Eyes “Let freedom ring with a shotgun blast”

And, I’m sure this could go on and on, I had to end somewhere and I didn’t even got to punk/hardcore or industrial (sorry bad religion and ministry!) so feel free to add your favorites to the comments too…!

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