mixtape: when ladies lead

On occasion I enjoy to throw a wrench at the system and it results in mixes like this, covering the broad range of stuff I enjoy while maintaining a common theme. This one is featuring the pairing of male and female duets in uncommon theatrics. It ranges from the experimental tidings of The Tiny to the epic distortion of heartbreak by From Autumn to Ashes, the brutal encasement through Trail of Tears to the psuedo industrial presented by Paradise Lost. It might seem like a short list, and it is, as I didn’t really have time to research it while mixing it on the train ride into the city. I just wanted something quick to help alleviate the stress on my brain from a pounding migraine that would be fun to match the juxtaposition of feelings I was having and nothing does that better than this kind of vocal pairing that crosses genres as fluidly as I imagined this did. It also has some of my favorite mood songs like Antimater and Time in Malta. Feel free to add suggestions I might have missed along the way too!

“Coil” Opeth from Watershed
“Sorry” The Tiny from Starring: Someone like You
“Dream” Antimater from Lights Out
“Close My Eyes Forever” Lita Ford featuring Ozzy Osbourne
“Time Stand Still” Rush from Hold Your Fire
“Erased” Paradise Lost from Symbol of Life
“(Set Me Free) a tout le monde” Megadeth featuring (Lacuna Coil) from United Abominations
“Licking Cream” 7 Dust featuring Skin (Skunk Anasie) from Home
“Undo Control” Dark Tranquility from Projector
“Dead End” In Flames from Come Clarity
“Dead End Gaze” Trail of Tears from Bloodstaind Endurance
“Heaven’s a Lie” Lacuna Coil from Comalies
“Grant’s Stand” Time in Malta from a Second Engine
“Short Stories with Tragic Endings” From Autumn to Ashes from Too Bad Your Beautiful

honorable mention and a last minute induction to the list (albeit, missing the smoothness of a good placement) would be the wonderful gang vocals on H2O’s cover of 7 Seconds’ “Not Just boys Fun” – the hidden track from f.t.t.w. (originally recorded for the Crew) – that had me jumping for the rest of the day once I felt “better”

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