ready to fall

It is quite amazing how clumsy I can be sometimes. Trip over my feet… walk into doors as I am opening them… slam my shin into anything in remote proximity of it… miss the seat as I sit down. Rarely does it produce injury, or even much pain. It is more the humorous effect it seems to have, especially in repetition.

The thing is, I know it’s coming. And yet, I am powerless to do anything to prevent it. it still happens.

I could be upset at my blatant inability to function like a ‘normal’ human being. But, I’m not. I accept it. Readily I might add. It’s a quirk I am ok with. Not that I embrace it. After all, who would really want to face that type of intentional pain.

What I discovered though, in thinking about this, is it’s a pattern that potentially repeats itself throughout life. We are all set up for that same fall in some way, regardless of what we think. We know something is coming and yet we are powerless to stop it, if for no other reason that we’ve chosen, subconsciously at least, to accept it as inevitable.

In some ways life is a self- fulfilling prophesy in that regard. If we believe, even subliminally, something is a particular way, than we will act in such a way to perpetuate it. If we believe a situation is doomed, even if it is not yet a problem, we will eventually act in such a way to create the problem and ultimately doom it.

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