quip: death of a relationship

I hate to make too light a situation that very much isn’t right now, but every once in a while I do pull an insightful line out that turns a conversation. This one was so spontaneous, and somewhat insightful, that it actually completely changed the course of the conversation on a dime. I cannot say for better or worse in the long run, but it did inspire a giggle at the time. The back-story is a friend of mine is going through the demise of a long term relationship. They are being indecisive as to how to proceed and rather than picking fight or flee are standing right in the crossfire doing nothing, which prompted this from me:

you’re mourning the death of the relationship when you don’t believe it’s dead… that’s like trying to bury a person on life support who hasn’t quite croaked yet. If you’re gonna throw dirt on the casket and lament the passing, then accept it’s passed and begin the healing process, otherwise buck it up and get to surgery doc

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