recipe: mushroom stew

Honestly, I really wasn’t sure what to call this, so we’ll call it a stew. I came home from a hike and wanted something really cozy but not a lot of work necessarily to cook. Although I do begin this with a roux to thicken up the sauce, it is not absolutely necessary. Furthermore, you could do it as a very light blond roux if you are looking for time and simplicity, or even add the flour in during the cooking by sifting it because the meat should give up some fat to which the starches in the flour could bond rather than them clumping in the liquid. Remember when making this, the centerpiece of the meal are the mushrooms. Good hearty flavors like portabellos work well. The are going to work at being both a base flavor and a top flavor so be sure to pay attention and not dump them all in at once.

Olive Oil

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