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Holiday Hunting

This time of year can always be tricky and challenging (such is noted here)… This is especially true for the unemployed and underemployed, so be sure to try and hold onto the positives you have and don’t lose focus on … Continue reading

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the Paper Theory

When two people meet one another for the first time they must begin to create their relationship. That tenuous first few moments between potential friends, lovers, employers, etc. is complex and occasionally chaotic. I once envisioned, as a way to … Continue reading

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fictional prose: steel wheel and cognitive dissonance

The rhythmic clatter of the steel wheels rumbled along the tracks keeping an unsteady heartbeat of time as the landscape smeared past. Each click resonated through the air and along the beams of the cars, bellowing out a metallic tone … Continue reading

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thanksgiving reflection

The official beginning to the silly season is upon us. It is a chance to think back on all the wonderful things one has and appreciate the some wonders of one’s life. For many people though, it is an opportunity … Continue reading

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determination and disappointment

I hate being told how to think and feel. It took me thirty-aught years of reading, analysis, experience, open-mindedness and reality to get me to this point. It may not always be right, nor is it necessarily firm and unbending, … Continue reading

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mixtape: gobble gobble goodness

With Thanksgiving coming up, I thought it might be fun to take a quick stroll through the regular listening library and put together a mix on eating, either because they reference Thanksgiving or a related holiday season’s food, or because … Continue reading

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Quarter season: hipchecking the quarterboards

Everyone likes to have some kind of mile marker. It’s a way to gauge the direction one is headed, success or failure is tantamount in getting the analysis of direction right. In the national hockey league, that’s the quarter season … Continue reading

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ready to fall

It is quite amazing how clumsy I can be sometimes. Trip over my feet… walk into doors as I am opening them… slam my shin into anything in remote proximity of it… miss the seat as I sit down. Rarely … Continue reading

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recipe: pollo mole e el queso frito rechina

So, today’s challenge is chocolate and cheese. Fondu seemed too easy. So I dug back through the archives to bring together these two classics as a meal. Rounded out by … the beauty of this meal is the actually serve … Continue reading

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