recipe: pumpkin chili

I’m sure on first look, this wasn’t what anyone might be expecting for a chili recipe, but then again how often does one cook with pumpkin and not make a pie or bread anyhow? So why not add a little seasonal flair to the dish. It’s not my classic el tazon de rojo con carne
but it is pretty good and follows along with the apple chili and a butternut squash chili ideas I previously tried.

Cubed Pork (or beef)
chilis (I used both a pobalano and a few Anaheims)
bell pepper (orange is always nice)
vadalia onion
garlic cloves
beer (a pale ale or ipa works nice or a seasonal pumpkin brew)
all spice
black pepper
bay leaf
Pumpkin Cubes (fresh sugar pumpkin works best)

Under a broiler or over an open flame char all the peppers (both sweet and hot) and the pumpkin cubes
Once the peppers are completely charred on all sides, bag and allow to sweat for a few minutes
Once the peppers are sweat, skin and de seed them and them coarsely chop them
Coarsely chop the onion, celery, garlic
In a stock pot with a little bit of oil combine the peppers, pumpkin, onion, garlic, celery, etc and allow to sweat.
As the flavors begin to meld, add the beer and season with cilantro, cumin, all spice, cinnamon, nutmeg, paprika, black pepper and bay leaf as well as the pork cubes and simmer over low heat
Allow to continue to simmer for several hours, reseason as necessary with paprika, black pepper and cumin until the chilis and the pumpkin are almost completely broken down and the pork is tender

This works well to finish in a bowl with a bit of shredded pumpkin, a fresh laurel leaf and a bit of goats milk cheese. If you are going to serve over a starch, rice lightly flavored with pork stock, bay, nutmeg and ancho chili powder is a nice touch.

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