Today I ate: at another pub, drank pints of bitters and enjoyed the final day

Being a complete dork in another country I spent the day doing things like wandering through Piccadilly Circus and Paddington for music shops, book stores and whatever else comes within my path. Did you know there was a China Town in London? There is and I flipped through lots of books there I coudln’t read just because the bindings looked ancient and the pictures looked like they were pressed from wooden stamps onto the pages. There was a music manuscript store that literally made me cry it had more than any music school library I’ve ever been in. And another record store that apart from the musty old smell and quarter inch of dust on everything that degraded the quality of their collection was literally a passage in time back to a bygone era of vinyl with flyers on the wall easily 30 years old.

I fell back a meat stew that had root veggies i suppose were probably potato, parsnip and carrot (though they were so boiled down it was hart to say what was what) and paired with a dark ale. I had a wonderful porter as my desert after that meal and it fueled me for most of the rest of the day.

Being that it was essentially to be my last night in town I figured out how to find my pub again and got in at a time to get a good seat away things to sit back with Orwell (having finished Huxley) and enjoyed some fish and chips along with a variety of ales to ensure I pretty much tried everything on both their hand pulls and regular taps during my trip. The best part wasn’t the shockingly good food but the way the pub really did feel like it just appeared out of another time in history perfect to read in over a pint. Absolutely the expeirience I want to cherish in a place like Westminster.

Yeah, so I didn’t make it to a rock and roll dive bar pub which was on the short list of have-to-do but I did eat my way through a pretty good variety of stuff and really enjoyed it. Now, back to the Americas tomorrow… hmmmm.

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