Today I Ate: a queen’s feast

Look kids, that’s Buckingham palace, that’s where the queen lives and works… what does she do? she queens.

Today after attempting marmite for breakfast and defaulting back to cereal instead I headed out to see Buckingham Palace, wandering around St. James Park, Green Park and Belgrave Square for a little bit. I can’t get over how steeped in history this whole city is so far and yet how it manages to still be modern at the same time. It takes what I adore about places like New York and Boston and Philadelphia to an extreme in coordinating both past and present and a nod to the future.

Nothing much of note for food most of the day, indescript meat pie for pub food and some street side snacks of fried dough that were just ok but with good ale to wash it down anything will taste better (maybe that’s how the stereotyped bad food gets into the gullet of Englishmen??)

When I arrived back in Paddington I went to explore a row of Indian restaurants back over near the Underground a few blocks from the hotel. Knowing there’s a reputation for good Indian food I go for some of my old faves, a vindaloo dish. There was an app I was recommended to go with it that I forgot to write down that was easily one of the most spicy dishes I’ve ever had, I was sweating from it and it put to shame any piri piri dish, any habanaero dish, etc. The vindaloo was no slouch either but the gamey meat with it was a perfect foil for it and it was probably the first meal I had were there was too much food to actually finish. Yeah, everything I heard about Indian food in England was true and then some, it was better than anything I’d had in New York and North Jersey for sure.


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