today I Ate: Around the Underground

Today, I write not having completed my adventures yet so unlike in Italia, my meals are going to be by posting and not necessarily by day, and hopefully my mental notes are enough to maintain a record of my interesting eating habits on the road. So far I had a breakfast of a pot of grain (that’s what they called it anyway, was kind of like an oatmeal, grits kind of slop) and of course tea which was lovely (of course it was mouse, you’re such an old lady).

I made it over to Victoria Embankment in the rain and stared just randomly exploring headed toward Westminster Abby which meant I wasn’t exactly dressed not to attract attention and I received a pink slip from some nice police officers who wanted to know why I was taking pictures too close to the London Underground for their taste wearing all black. Great shot of Big Ben resulted and they tipped me off to a pub with no sign on the opposite side of Parliament Square to check out.

Among my culinary adventure fish and chips with malt vinegar that were just sublime. I am a sucker for fried fish like this (Assault & Battery in NYC is a personal fave) and you just cannot beat malt vinegar (particularly when it isn’t the Heinz version). Irony is I came out of the London Aquarium to eat fish but the hand pulled bitters, of course, make it all better.

As I adventured through the area I also saw Jubilee Gardens, the London Eye, Victoria Tower Gardens, Lambeth Palace Gardens and a bunch of other sights along the Thames in the area before heading back home to accidently refinding the pub from the other night and sitting down for a nice mushroom and ale beef pie that was definitely filling after a long day of walking. Unexpected find made sitting for a few hours before bed reading Huxley all that much more enjoyable with several pints of the house pub to be had


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