Today I ate: Paddington Pub Grub

It is my first full day in England, in the City of Westminster, near Paddington Station. All I knew of this was from childhood stories referencing it and thus far it is precisely as I would imagine a modernized tale: a quaint urban landscape featuring a pub on every corner. Couldn’t tell you everywhere I stopped along the way from the Station to drop my bags off at the hotel on Glouster Terrace but it was lovely to spend some time at Paddington’s Finest Pub and a number of other little outcolves, one of which I know I will spend my evenings at since there isn’t much for wifi at the little hotel, it’s a shame I didn’t catch the name (hopefully I find my way back)

Yesterday, I managed to feast on food that well exceeded my expectation for the stereotype of English cuisine including a lunch of English pub ale with bangers and rosemary mash. The bangers were obviously hand crafted since the inconsistencies in the casing were not what you’d expect from machine made sausage. The mash was not completely creamy and perfumed nicely with the rosemary and of course a thick, almost sticky brown gravy was ladled over it.

Dinner was pretty light after the afternoon I spend wandering around Kensington Garden and Hyde Park as well as the area near the hotel in Paddington. Just hit up a local pub I’m not sure the name of that I know I will be back to for a light sandwich and local cider. I was too tired to really focus other than I need to wander back for a full meal and some time reading by the fire.

I spent the day running around today near Tower Hill sight seeing all the expected touristy spots. It is definitely different touring solo than with someone as I can indiscriminately wander wherever my feet take me including into whatever geeking looking historical spots, off-the-beaten path stores (found a cook book shop) and pubs I feel like testing out. I feasted on mutton meat pie with a nice hand pulled pub stout which was wholy different than what American stouts have for both taste and mouth-feel. Definitely good stuff and not at all what I anticipated.

Evening I hit the underground back to Paddington and tried out another random pub walking back to the hotel. The vibe wasn’t as good as the first evening but the food being a mince meat plate with boiled potatoes and peas. The potatoes were boiled with garlic which gave a nice perfume and the peas were cooked with onions which I guess seems a little more high brow than I was expecting again. I had another hand drawn ale.


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