mixtape: a friendly tribute

For all the years people have known I am a music person, someone has been trying to “introduce” me to something the think I did not already “know” or what the next hip, cool thing they thought I’d like would be. 99% of the time, well, sorry to say, they were unfortunately wrong. However, there are a handful of people who are responsible maybe not just for a band, but for a very explicit and important memory with music that I wanted to point out. They figured out what drew me to things and caught my senses and shared in my musical experiences. I sincerely hope none will take offense to me calling them out… Hey, you helped make me the music fan I am… You deserve the credit! these are in no particular order:

“Someday My Prince Will Come” by Miles Davis, from Someday My Prince Will Come – my dad – he introduced me to a lot of music, this is one of my faves.
“Black Sabbath” Black Sabbath from self-titled – my uncle – digging through a basement full of records and finding this one was priceless. there were a ton of faves in that pile I’ll forever be attracted to, finding just one to pick was tough
“Home” by Dream Theatre from Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory – Andy my ex-roommate – he didn’t introduce me to DT but he and I enjoyed going to an aweful lot of shows together
“Blackest Eyes” by Porcupine Tree from in Absentia – Jersey Shore Steve – so many great memories working with Steve on PTree records and handing out with Stephen Wilson
“Teargas” by Katatonia from Last Fair Deal Gone Down – Paula – she turned me onto them and so many other great bands and I’m forever indebted to her for it for she never missed the mark on a good suggestion
“For Whom the Bells Toll” by Metallica from Ride the Lightening – DJ Flip my ex-guitarist – too many days playing this one together in my basement in HS
“Bored to Tears” by Black Label Society – Ben the DLH – because there was no bigger fan of the rock than the DLH and there are so many good memories working together on BLS records, he turned me into the fan I became
“Elephant Riders” by Clutch from
the Elephant Riders – Big Rob – there’s no other band that embodies Rob the way Clutch does, this one is actually more of a role reversal, we both love Clutch but now Rob knows why
“One Life, One Chance” by H2O from F.T.T.W. – Tiz – he was the one that turned me around on punk, not only H2O, but opened a new view of the genre for me
“Caboose” by Snapcase from Progression Through Unlearning – Amy – so many bands we shared sing-alongs too, but knowing her passion for Snapcase it’s hard not to think of her first when hearing them
“With All the Pride and Dignity” Haste from the Mercury Lift – Kurt – there’s something about southern bands that seems to fit with Kurt and of all the records we worked together on over the years, this is still one of my faves
“Element” Vision of Disorder from self-titled – Bobby – If the texting song lyrics from VoD back and forth consistently wasn’t enough to explain it probably nothing will
“Cowboys from Hell” Pantera from Cowboys from Hell – the man of many nicknames, Dave – the Pantera tattoo pretty much says it all, too bad Dave’s a midwest guy and never around enough to rock out with
“In the Shadow of the Sun” by Crisis from The Hollowing – the LD – poetic, intellectual, unique… throwback. although we don’t often talk in depth about music anymore, there’s something Crisis that reminds me of the LD, and things about LD that will always remind me to listen to Crisis
“The Aftermath” Origin from Antithesis – Davelapse – anything technical and brutal will fall back on Dave and this was the album he turned me onto that changed my view on this band. I know he wants be be remembered as the Metallica kid but he’s really my go to guy for being a music dork

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