quip: piling it on

Well the nyphillycombine fun continued and this is the “digest version of the second half of August’s back-and-forth. As usual Bobby acts as the quintessential set up man for my really poor attempts at humor sometimes.

if by healthy you mean

This morning, Bobby forwarded me the transcript of Pedro’s talk with the press about his start last night… my response left bobby speachless, which, after bulleting the ten best reasons I could come up with, what else was there left to say except profanities on bobby’s part…

Bobby: Check it out, Pedro thinks he’s healthy!

The Mouse: If by healthy he means preparing himself for another stint on the DL, I’m all down for that explanation – I haven’t read this article yet, but my initial thoughts to the headline are

1) one start means nothing on the next days morning comments, let’s see how he’s really feeling in a day or two when the arm stress actually sets in while he’s throwing again for his next start … and further lets see how his arm is holding up after three, lots of guys come back looking strong in their first start only to fade fast on the next two as fatigue sets in
2) that win is a little skewed, the Phils were taking batting practice against the Cubs, lets see how he looks in a real game, one that’s close, one where he can’t afford a mistake
3) he pitched 5 innings, it took 99 pitches. it might feel good, but that’s not exactly a good start, it’s a lot of pitches over not a lot of innings
4) he had 3 earned runs over those 5 innings which works out to 5.40 ERA, that’s rather high
5) he had 7 hits and 1 walk to post a 1.60 WHIP, again not exactly shining numbers
6) he struck out 5, that’s 1 per inning, that’s a good, it’s not dominating though on a k/9, k/h, but the k/bb is off to a good start for control
7) his fastball didn’t hit 90 mph and although his other pitches were encouraging again, it took a lot of pitches to not go far in a game, if his FB command and velocity isn’t fooling anyone, an offnight on the curve and change could be devastating
8) I already sent his last three season stats, the shining starts are all accompanied by some real doozies, granted, every pitcher has them, but Pedro isn’t every pitcher, he’s the meniacle personality with 3 cy youngs and a world series ring, he’s got to live up to the hype that older guys like shilling, johnson, wells, clemens, etc. did, not just be “pedro – lite” especially if his intention is to win a WS with the Phils and undo the damage to his rep 3 years on the Mets did
9) and the Phils need more than that from him too, serviceable is fine for a #5 starter when they’re in your rotation already but revamping a rotation and a bullpen to bring a guy in is going to mean playing better than average ball which is about 6 innings and a 4.4 ERA and 1.4 WHIP as a starter, you brought him in to improve things, don’t be fooled into thinking the one start is an improvement over anything so far. So far he looks no “better” than Moyer did in the rotation and I personally believe Moyer earned his spot where he was.
10) well, it’s pedro…

Waggin’ Wags!

The Mets former ace closer Billy Wagner finally returned from the Disabled List recovering from Tommy John surgery. During the time he was on the DL the Mets picked up JJ Putz and K-Rod as stoppers, meaning Wagner is now the odd-man out in the late inning role. That being said they put him on waivers to which I immediately texted Phils fans the news

The Mouse: Yo! did you hear the Mets put Wags on waivers. Phils should pick him up a B.Lidge insurange
Bobby: Yeah, well with Romero out, maybe that’s not the worst move. I hear they are thinking
The Mouse: Romero is missing his steroids right about now, now isn’t he?
Bobby: Haha, he is…I’m not gonna lie
Friend: Screw that hasbeen!
The Mouse: Who Wags or B.lidge?
Friend: hahaha, Wags! Not that B.lidge is much better right now.
The Mouse: you know the B stands for Bomb

Milling over Miller

The goalie question seems to be the biggest off-season chatter this year, not only for a lot of teams, but for USA hockey as well. Ryan Miller vs. Tim Thomas. Who would you pick?

The Mouse: Miller… hands down. Thomas got the benefit of the Brues D and a much different style of hockey than what he’d face in international play. Miller’s done more with less and his control and style might fit better because he plays angles and sees the ice really well. Thomas is old too, and if he falls apart it…
Bobby: Don’t go there… I’d take tim thomas.. I think he’s shows up better in big game situations rather than miller…
The LD: Miller’s style will fit very well on the international stage. He’s patient and plays angles well. On the big ice, that’s really important. He’s also athletic enough to roll with the close in net activity. Thomas, well, the Olympics aren’t in Beantown…
The Mouse: they don’t serve boston baked to that fat flailer over there. Smart men stick will Miller – the player, not the beer.


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